Episode 7 - Breaking Down the Current State of the Economy

December 13, 2018

For the past few years, investors have experienced mostly smooth sailing conditions in the stock market. However, the markets have become rockier since October, prompting investors to wonder what actions they should be taking.


Episode 6 - Last Chance Financial Planning: Part 4

November 22, 2018

How often do you reassess your tax planning or insurance policies?

In the fourth and final part of Marc Bautis’ mini-series on year-end financial planning, Marc shares several ways you can reassess your taxes and insurance to maximize your financial potential.



Episode 5 - Last Chance Financial Planning: Part 3

November 8, 2018

It’s time for part three of Marc Bautis’ financial planning series! Today, Marc details how you can plan for major life transitions, like selling a home or adopting a child.


Episode 4 - Last Chance Financial Planning: Part 2

October 23, 2018

Marc Bautis is back to share his year-end checklist with you! In part two, Marc tells you everything you need to know about making retirement plan contributions before 2019 rolls in.  


Episode 3 - Your 2018 Year-End Financial Checklist: Part 1

October 11, 2018

Today, Marc Bautis is kicking off a new mini-series on his year-end financial planning checklist, covering everything you need to review to keep yourself on track.



Episode 2 - Six Threats to Your Retirement

September 25, 2018

There are unforeseen risks that could knock your retirement plan off course.

In today’s episode, Marc Bautis will help you better prepare for retirement by walking you through six potential risks. Explaining each risk in a way that is easy to understand.  

Join Marc now for an enlightening episode about six areas to take into consideration while planning for your retirement.


Episode 1 - Introduction to Marc Bautis, Wealth Manager and Founder of Bautis Financial

August 28, 2018

Welcome to the Agent of Wealth podcast. It’s time to learn all about your host, Marc Bautis, wealth manager and founder of Bautis Financial.

Marc discusses why he’s adamant about providing client education, why he’s a believer in stress-testing your portfolio, and why he has committed to reading one book per week for the last 10 years! Marc also talks about who he is outside of the office, including his greatest accomplishment and talent for recommending restaurants.